About my work


I have always been interested in people, their lights and their shadows. In observing them and wondering about their lives, what has led them to become who they are, and what they have inside. My experiences giving art-therapy workshops with my dad at hospitals and mental institutions increased this interest, and deepened my curiosity in empathising with people I met.
I wondered what their lives were like before becoming who they are now; the “before” and “after” of someone.

Over time I have realised that we all accumulate stains in our lives. Stains of experiences that have really penetrated and soaked through us: a loss, a heartbreak, a frustration, a dream. These stains are already within us, they make us who we are.

I am very interested to know what these stains look like but I especially want to find out about the history that lies behind them. Such stains carry a really powerful symbolism, they are the tangible reflex of something that just happened but it is not there anymore. They are ghosts of an interaction that is been left on the surface.

What really intrigues me is understanding what came to pass before the stain: the raw facts. I want to pull back the layers and see the whole process that led to that metaphorical stain. I want to understand how after the absence of the event all that is left is the stain, but I also want to comprehend the course, from beginning to end, from “something that is there” to “something that it is not anymore”. Like observing a fruit in decomposition, I am interested in the biological process of how something changes, degenerates, grows and decreases, changes form and colour and then disappears. How something tangible becomes dust, void, memory, oblivion, stain.